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Michelle Phillips

I am Michelle Phillips, a Beauty Therapist that has worked within the thriving Beauty Industry for many years. I now work freelance in a private capacity. Throughout my years of professional practice, I have seen a growth in demand for specializing in specific aspects of beauty treatments and so my work developed and became focused in the art of natural Eyebrow shaping and sculpting. It's all about the brows as 'Eyebrows always Frame Your Face'

Everyone's eyebrows are always individual to themselves and should always be worked on with passion and enthusiasm in creating the ultimate definitive shape for every face. In relation to the principles of practice, according to my professional experience and physiological theory, its always best to work with the natural shape, position and lines of the brows. There really is no need to use various measuring implements to know where your brows should be as they are always where they should be naturally and the natural line is THE guideline. A skilled professional will always work with this principle and be able to visualise the finished result at the first glance prior to removing any hair even if the brows are very prominent and over grown.

Such definitive neat lines are best produced by using the Wax and Tweeze technique, as the wax is primarily used to remove the excess hair followed by a highly skilled creative hand which then controls and dictates the sculpting and cutting in of the shape with tweezers. This technique also defines the all important arch that remains prominent but overall produces a softer contoured well defined arch.

I am also a Semi Permanent Make Up Artist. I decided to embark upon this as I was getting many requests to perform this treatment on clients particularly to enhance their brows. This technique is great and ideal for those with very sparse brows and those who have little eyebrow hair due to certain conditions. However, although some people may require enhancement through the use of semi permanent make up, I was seeing so many whom had this done by other practitioners unnecessarily as I could see that their natural brows were very full and in excellent condition. I would therefore only recommend adding pigment through the use of SPMU to the brows ONLY if needed. It is always better to enhance the eyebrows by naturally defining the shape and adding tint if required.

Overall I am an advocate of working primarily with natural brows using the Wax, Tweeze, Trim and Tint technique as it is in my professional opinion the best technique for the very best defined look.

Eyebrows Frame Your Face

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Michelle Phillips
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